iShopStop 1.6 released.

iShopStop 1.6 brings a single yet extremely powerful ability: change order of aisles in shopping list view.

Use tap and hold gesture to grab the item and all of its peers on the same aisle; Drag up or down to create whatever order best makes sense for your current shop layout (in previous versions you had to go into shop and layout details to change the order).

With this release we are proud to call the first incarnation of iShopStop complete. Our priority now is implementing all those exciting ideas into 2.0.

iShopStop 1.5 released.

Release 1.5 is all about streamlining your experience.
  • iShopStop performs faster and both import and preview now show progress bar;
  • You can use a visual tag to mark items on your list. For example when you are going grocery shopping and your friend asks you to bring some specific items for her. Once you have merged your lists you still want to be able to separate her items from the rest. Using a tag is very useful.
  • Items, when adding single item at a time, are now grouped by aisles.
  • Suggested items group becomes visible on top, when iShopStop thinks it can contribute to your likely choices.

iShopStop 1.4 released.

Release 1.4.3 is available.

We continue to streamline the experience and strengthen our core values. For example, when you are sharing your shopping list, you can now choose from the standard iOS sharing choices. Also, we have made the app location aware. Read More...

Rosin 2.2.1 released.

We are extremely pleased to let you know that Rosin is now fully compatible with iOS6.

iShopStop 1.3 released.

We made several user experience improvements. But below are the major three areas we would like to highlight:
  • You can change the order of aisles now as well
  • Linguistic analysis is being used for better accuracy when importing a list from text (such as an e-mail)
  • iOS6 compatibility and a lot of work under hood which paves the way for coming iCloud support.

iShopStop 1.2.1 now available.

iShopStop is now tested to be fully compatible with the upcoming iOS5. Also some minor stability issues were fixed.

Transparent Flux Studios Releases a major upgrade to iShopStop for iPhone® and iPod touch®

TALLINN, ON - May 13, 2011 - Transparent Flux Studios today announced a major upgrade to iShopStop. iShopStop is a smart shopping app for busy people. It is the first shopping app able to import lists or recipes as free form text from web, e-mail or any other source via copy & paste. Read More...